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Power banks are a handy accessory to have for your phone, allowing you to charge your device when you’re traveling or out of the house. But many of today’s phones also offer large batteries and super-fast charging, potentially reducing the need for a power bank in the first place.

We were still interested in knowing how many readers own power banks. So we posted a poll earlier this week and here’s what we discovered.

Do you have a power bank for your phone?


This was a very popular poll with over 4,100 votes cast at the time of writing. It turned out that 48.65% of respondents own a power bank, making this the most popular choice. Some respondents bought a powerbank for outdoor trips or emergencies, according to the comments.

30.15% of respondents said they had more than one power source. One reader claimed they had at least one power bank in their car. A few other readers stated they had several power banks that could be used for other gadgets (e.g. laptops, smartwatches).

Finally, 21.19% of polled readers said they didn’t have a power bank. This means that more respondents said they had multiple power bank accounts.


  • Riku_Xander : I have never purchased a power bank but I have several from being given them.
  • Rognis: They’re useful for more than phones. I have several, especially because my wife has a heated vest with a USB-A connection.
  • Joe Black: I have one or two … or maybe actually three, but they are not dedicated for my smartphone, they usually serve as an added battery to my laptops.
  • Thesecondsight: My Moto G Power 2020 phone is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery that can last 2-3 days on one charge. However, I thought it would make sense to buy a power bank for an emergency. My area can experience severe tornado season. I have seen my neighborhood go without power for several days after an F1 tornado hits. You can never have enough power.
  • Sophia: You can charge your phone anywhere, even on planes. The wireless charger is built into our new car. This is in addition to the all-day battery of my phone so there is no reason for me to carry extra juice.
  • mattc: I take one with me when I go away for a few nights, especially when I’m hiking, camping, or biking. It charges my phone, lights, and ebooks.
  • Ronson Wagner: I have a problem with power banks that are on sale. I currently own 7 power banks. They range in price from a Walmart checkout line model (about 5000mAh) up to the Anker737 (24,000mAh). All can be charged at and charged by other devices with power delivery of up to 140W. I play Pokemon go quite a bit and it’s invaluable having that backup power when I’m out and about. It also makes camping and overnight stays easier, as I can charge my hearing aids, smartwatch, phone, and tablet from one or two battery banks and I don’t have to worry if there will be outlets available or having to run a cable across a walkway to plug something in. If I need to move my raspberry pi 4, I have one that I have set up to charge it.
  • Marty: I have one, but fast charging has made it so that I don’t really use it. It is mostly used in emergencies.
  • Filament: A Xiaomi Powerbank comes with a built-in wireless charger. When I bought it my wife don’t understand the need for it. Now she regularly uses it whenever it’s inconvenient to leave the phone on the table to charge.
  • EeZeEpEe says: I usually keep one in each vehicle as a backup just in case. For example, going to a theme park it’s better to have and no need it then need it and not have it. However, I rarely use them.
  • Elias_T: Thought I’ll never own one but due to varying reasons I had to get one of 20k mah last year and so far I feel secured whenever I’m on a long journey.
  • KRB: It’s why when I purchased my current device, Moto G Stylus 2020, I made sure it had one of the biggest batteries at the time; rated for two days! In daily use it’ll get me easily a day and a half, but I’ve never been concerned about the need for a power bank. There’s an entire customer base out there that would trade thinness for a bit of heft in their devices if that heft meant it had a LARGE battery.


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