Honeycomb is a neat merchandise on this planet of Minecraft. It’s helpful for quite a lot of crafting wants. Nevertheless, it’s additionally one of many extra annoying supplies to farm. It’s a must to get honeycomb immediately from bee nests, which angers the bees that guard it. They sting and poison gamers if not correctly handled. On this tutorial, we’ll present you the best way to get honeycomb, safely take care of bees, and make the most of each bee nests and hives to their highest potential.


To get honeycomb in Minecraft, first, discover a bee nest. Use a fireplace of some type to smoke out the bees, which renders them docile. From there, use shears to reap three honeycombs. So long as you do not kill the bees, you’ll be able to return to the nest and harvest extra honeycomb later.


Tips on how to safely get honeycomb in Minecraft

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Harvest honeycomb with out smoking the bees, they usually’ll cost out to sting you.

Step one in getting honeycomb from a bee nest is to seek out or have a nest ready to go. The one different factor you want is a pair of shears, which you’ll craft with two iron ingots at any crafting desk. We’ll talk about the place to seek out bee nests and craft beehives extra within the part beneath, so we’ll skip that for now.

When you’ve discovered a beehive and have a pair of shears, you’ll be able to harvest honeycomb.

  • Step 1 — Construct a campfire beneath the nest or hive in order that the smoke drifts up. Smoke makes the bees docile, and that permits you to harvest honeycomb. We suggest digging a pit beneath the hive or nest and constructing a fireplace in it. That manner, the fireplace doesn’t unfold to the bushes or unintentionally kill the bees. Some of us suggest constructing a fence across the hearth within the Bedrock model or putting a carpet above it within the Java model to additional defend the bees from the flames.
  • Step 2 — As soon as docile, equip your shears and harvest the honeycomb. On PC, you right-click and maintain. Nintendo Change gamers use RZ, PlayStation gamers use R2, Xbox Gamers use RT, and cell variations faucet and maintain on the beehive. You possibly can acquire a most of three honeycombs.
  • Step 3 — As soon as achieved, douse your hearth and clear up your mess.
  • Step 4 — Come again later and repeat steps 1 by means of 3 to gather extra honeycomb.
  • Professional tip — When you kill the bees, the nest or hive will develop into deserted, and it’ll generate no extra honeycomb.

That’s roughly the entire course of. You possibly can optionally not make the bees docile earlier than harvesting. Nevertheless, they chase you till you get stung, which causes immediate injury together with poison. We suggest constructing the campfire and smoking them out. Simply watch out to not kill any of the bees.

The place to discover a bee nest in Minecraft

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Bee nests are discovered hanging on bushes in most biomes.

Bee nests aren’t terribly tough to seek out, however the spawn charges range primarily based on which biome you’re in. In addition they solely spawn in oak bushes, mangrove bushes, and birch bushes. Right here’s every biome and the proportion probability {that a} tree can have a bee nest. The brief model is, bee nests can spawn in virtually any biome with out sand or snow that additionally spawns bushes and flowers. While you get shut, you’ll hear the telltale indicators of bees by the buzzing noises they make.

  • Meadow — 100% probability so long as a birch or oak tree truly spawns.
  • Plains and Sunflower plains — 5% in each Java and Bedrock editions.
  • Mangrove Swap — 5% in Java Version and 4% probability in Bedrock version.
  • Flower forest — 2% in Java Version and three% in Bedrock version.
  • Forest, Birch forest, Outdated development birch forest — 0.2% in Java Version, and 0.035% in Bedrock version.
  • Notice — Some biomes go by totally different names. For instance, previous development birch forest is usually known as Tall Birch Forest.

The chances above are for naturally occurring bushes in every biome. You can even spawn beehives utilizing saplings and flowers, which we’ll talk about within the subsequent part.

Tips on how to spawn your personal bee nest in Minecraft

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Rising a tree subsequent to a sapling offers the tree an opportunity to spawn a bee nest.

You possibly can spawn your personal beehive in Minecraft. It’s not a tough course of, however the spawn charge is a bit low. Which means you’ll seemingly need to attempt just a few instances to get one.

What you’ll want

  • A flower.
  • A sapling.
  • Non-obligatory: Bonemeal.

Tips on how to spawn a bee finest

  • Step 1 — Plant the flower in a discipline someplace in one of many aforementioned biomes.
  • Step 2 — Plant the sapling inside two blocks of the flower.
  • Step 3 — Await the tree to develop up. It has a 5% probability of getting a bee finest.
  • Non-obligatory — Use bonemeal on the sapling to get it to develop sooner.

After getting the bee nest, it’ll act like some other bee nest. You possibly can smoke the bees, harvest honeycomb, and even transfer it if want be.

Tips on how to craft a beehive

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A beehive is a craftable merchandise that operates very like a bee nest. You may get honeycomb and honey from the beehive, and place it wherever you need. It’s a must to provide your personal bees, however in any other case, a beehive works precisely like a bee nest.

Supplies you’ll want:

  • 6 planks of any wooden
  • 3 honeycombs

Tips on how to craft a beehive

  • Step 1 — Utilizing a crafting desk, place 3 planks within the prime row, 3 planks within the backside row, and three honeycombs within the center row.
  • Step 2 — Take your beehive out of the crafting desk.
  • Step 3 — Place your hive the place you need. Make sure that there are flowers close by.
  • Step 4 — Lead some bees from a close-by nest to the hive, and the bees ought to declare it as their very own.

We’ll cowl the best way to transfer bees in a while within the article. As soon as the whole lot is in place, the hive will produce honeycomb and honey for the participant.

Tips on how to safely destroy and transfer a bee nest in Minecraft

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You want a device enchanted with Silk Contact to reap a bee nest with out completely destroying it.

Lastly, we’ll briefly cowl shifting a beehive in Minecraft with out completely destroying it. That manner, you’ll be able to transfer it nearer to residence, or at the very least to a spot you’ll be able to return to rapidly for higher and extra environment friendly harvesting.

What you’ll want:

  • A device with Silk Contact.
  • A bee nest or beehive.

Tips on how to safely destroy and transfer a bee nest

  • Step 1 — Await the bees to return to the nest. They do that at evening or when it rains.
  • Step 2 — Use your Silk Contact device to interrupt the nest with the bees inside.
  • Step 3 — Decide up the nest, take it the place you need, and place it.
  • Step 4 — Make sure that there are flowers close by so the bees can acquire pollen.

The trick right here is ready for the bees to retreat to their nest. When you destroy the nest with out the bees in it, they may get lost in quest of a brand new hive or nest. It’s a lot more easy to attend for the bees to be within the nest earlier than breaking it.

Tips on how to transfer bees from one nest or hive to a different in Minecraft

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Yep. You possibly can lead bees with a lead like you’ll be able to different animals.

You possibly can transfer bees from one hive or nest to a different. It’s not the simplest activity, and there are some things that may go improper. We’ll present the steps and the best way to stop points from occurring.

Supplies you’ll want:

  • Both a flower or a lead.
  • An empty beehive or bee nest with flowers round it.

Tips on how to transfer bees

  • Step 1 — Both connected a result in the bee such as you would a horse or get the bee’s consideration with a flower. Bees are interested in flowers the identical manner sheep are interested in wheat.
  • Step 2 — Slowly lead the bee from its present hive or nest to the empty hive or nest. This sounds simple, however it could be a relatively massive distance.
  • Step 3 — As soon as achieved, the bee ought to declare the empty hive or nest as its personal. Make sure that there are flowers round for the bee to gather pollen, which supplies it a purpose to return to the brand new hive or nest.
  • Warning — The steps above appear simple, however there are many issues that may go improper. Typically, bees disengage from the flower and fly again to their nest. Typically the journey could be very lengthy and taxing on the participant. For each circumstances, we suggest organising relaxation factors the place you’ll be able to lure the bee indoors till you might be able to proceed additional.

Bees are a bit extra finicky than different Minecraft animals. We’ve even seen studies of bees refusing to assert the brand new nest or hive and flying all the best way again to their authentic nest. Thus, this will likely take just a few tries earlier than the bees declare the brand new nest or hive as their very own. Since every nest and hive can home as much as three bees, you will have to repeat this course of just a few instances to get all of the bees to their new residence. As soon as there, they may produce honeycomb and honey for you.

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What’s the distinction between a bee nest and a beehive?

A bee nest is a naturally spawning object in your Minecraft world. A beehive is an merchandise a participant crafts with wooden planks and honeycomb. Exterior of that, each objects behave the identical manner.

How do I get honey out of a beehive or bee nest?

Use an empty bottle on the nest or the hive to reap honey.

Are you able to eat honeycomb in Minecraft?

Not like actual life, the place you’ll be able to eat honeycomb, you can not eat honeycomb in Minecraft.

What objective does honeycomb serve?

It’s a crafting materials. It’s mostly used for candles, however you too can use it for waxed copper. Waxed copper doesn’t oxidize like its unwaxed counterparts.

Are there any honeycomb achievements?

Sure. The Wax On achievement is earned if you use honeycomb to wax an merchandise, like copper. Wax Off is earned by utilizing an axe to scrape the wax off of one thing.


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