Horror films and horror games are intended to incite fear and terror in the viewers. But what it’s like on set during the making is another story. Publisher Gun Interactive takes you to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre set in a new video. This video shows that motion capturing can also be fun in a horror situation.

Are they insane killers or are they victims fighting for their survival? Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be available at an unknown date. In the latest video for the game, the actors show us the challenges of motion capture – and how much fun you can have with the right people. Although the actresses and actors do an amazing job, they also have plenty to laugh and have fun. Go and see for yourself.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an asynchronous multiplayer online game, is based on the 1974 horror film. You can play as one of two roles: the insane members or the survivors of the Slaughter Family. You can also play the role of one of the survivors to escape the nightmare farmhouse.

Although we don’t know the release date of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, we do know on which platforms it will be released. The game will be available for download on Xbox, PlayStation 3, and Xbox. The Xbox Game Pass will include the horror game. The title was presented last autumn in this context. The official website has more information.

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