The best way to get the key Otto the otter mount in WoW Dragonflight by way of tons and many fishing

Printed: Dec 19, 2022 11:41 pm
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The Otto the otter mount not too long ago found in WoW Dragonflight is a secret mount discovered by fishing. A lot of fishing. A lot fishing.

The key otter, revealed. One of many final hidden secrets and techniques of the launch patch, the Otto the otter mount in WoW Dragonflight was lastly discovered by the WoW Secret Discovering Discord. And as with most issues, expensive previous Otto is discovered by way of fishing. And luck. Fishing and a complete lot of luck. Do you want giving shiny cash to frogs? No? Nicely, we’ll get to that. First issues first: Right here’s what to do.

The best way to discover the Otto mount in Dragonflight

Swog Life.

The primary objective is to commerce a Gold Coin of the Isles to The Nice Swog, a vendor discovered within the Ohn’ahran Plains at waypoint “/means #2023 82.32 73.21 The Nice Swog.” Nevertheless, Swoggy G doesn’t need any forex, he solely desires these Cash of the Isles. And that is solely performed by way of fishing. You may get fortunate and straight fish up a Gold Coin, however another choice is obtainable. Swog will commerce a lot of Copper Cash for Silver Cash, and Silver Cash for Gold Cash. You may see the place that is going. The journey goes to be a bit RNG based mostly, however ultimately you’ll be able to commerce a Gold Coin to Swoggykins for an Immaculate Sack of Swog Treasures.

Additionally: Get your head out of the gutter. It’s not his fault that sack is immaculate.

In that bag is a toy known as the Aquatic Shades, which you’ll want for the subsequent step. Your Otto the Otter mount is inside attain. Kinda.

Right here’s the place Lord Swoggington Esq. is positioned.

To the Citadel for a dance occasion

The following step entails going to a hidden bar north of the Obsidian Citadel within the Waking Shores. The Dive Bar is positioned at waypoint “/means #2022 19.6 36.5 The Bubble Tub.” Placed on the Aquatic Shades and /dance on the dance pad for a stable 5 minutes. After the time passes you’ll teleport to a spot known as The Hissing Grotto. Seize the merchandise known as the Empty Fish Barrel in entrance of you.

And in case your subsequent query was “Gee, am I going to fill this fish barrel?” then boy, are you proper.

Fishing. A lot fishing.

Right here’s the fish you’ll must fill your newfound barrel.

Head again to the Hissing Grotto at waypoint “/means #2022 20.3 39.7 Hissing Grotto” together with your crammed barrel. Do that and Otto is yours! Get pleasure from your new Otto the otter mount and make each different WoW Dragonflight participant confused and jealous of your otter-based swag.

Hold tuned to for this and extra otter data because it turns into accessible.

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