You can search for special deals on Steam and GOG every week. We have selected some particularly valuable titles for you.

Are you disappointed that Steam Winter Sale was cancelled due to Christmas joy? Don’t worry, special offers are available regularly and this week you can still get great games for very low prices. We”ve picked out ten of the best deals for you, so maybe there”s something for you here!

Highlight of the week: Borderlands 3.

(Genre: Loot-Shooter – Developer: Gearbox – Discount: (On Steam) 85 percent off at 9 Euros)

Borderlands 3 brings together the best of Borderlands: comic-style graphics, bombastic battles and lots of loot. The basic game lets you choose from four exterminators with different abilities. You then have to fight your way through a bizarre, funny, and dark sci-fi universe. You can also do co-op again.

Although the villains from part 3 can”t keep up with the legendary Handsome Jack, Borderlands is still a lot of fun to play. Modernized shooter gameplay allows you to move freely around the world, and your exterminators have more abilities. Borderlands 3 is now on sale for less than ever on Steam.

More great offers

There are many more games on Steam, and many discounts on indie games (on GOG) right now. Here are some of our favorite deals:

  • Darkest Dungeon: Badass dark fantasy role playing game. Great atmosphere and story. If a Dark Souls-level challenge doesn”t scare you off, you should check out the offer (At GOG) reduced by 85 percent to 4 euros).
  • Deliver Us the Moon This space adventure might appeal to you if you like the gritty side of things and enjoy a good story. In an apocalyptic future you are sent to the Moon to investigate the loss of the most important source of energy for mankind. (On GOG) reduced by 65 percent to 9 euros).
  • Village Romance: We”ve sung the praises of this building puzzle game before, most recently in the form of a place among the 300 best PC games. Dorfromantik is a relaxing building game like Cloud Gardens or Townscaper. (At GOG) reduced by 30 percent to 9 euros)
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: Although the trucker simulator is over ten-years-old, it has remained popular with virtual truck drivers. You can travel across Europe to deliver valuable goods. You can also purchase expansions that give the game an extra boost. GlobalESportNewstest. (On Steam) reduced by 75 percent to 5 euros)


  • Far from the shores of the lonely sea: This adventure is for you if you love to travel but prefer to cruise through a mysterious landscape in an unusual vehicle rather than touring Europe by truck. A post-apocalyptic adventure in an atmospheric setting. (On Steam) and (on GOG) reduced by 80 percent to 3 euros)
  • Firewatch: The adventure is not challenging in terms of gameplay, but it offers thrills with its great atmosphere. Only the ending disappointed us in the test a little, but especially in the sale the game should be worthwhile (At GOG) reduced by 75 percent to 5 euros)
  • Inscryption: A creepy card game? Inscryption, a strategy game, landed in the Steam charts around a year back. The unexpected hit manages to tell an interesting and twisty story while creating a terrifyingly dense atmosphere. (At GOG) reduced by 40 percent to 12 euros).
  • Raft: Do you have a friend who can help you survive on a tiny raft in a middle of the sea? Raft is a survival game that lets you expand your wooden land into an ocean liner. You can also enjoy an entertaining story. Best played in co-op, but it”s also fun alone. (On Steam) reduced by 33 percent to 13 euros)


  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Shadow Tactics is available for the skilled assassins or thieves. You lead a group with five warriors, unseen, into enemy fortresses to eliminate high ranking opponents. (On Steam and (at GOG) reduced by 90 percent to 4 euros).

By the way, the Blades of the Shogun standalone add-on is still free at the Epic Game Store through Thursday.

Compare all prices

Borderlands 3 €8.99 59.99 € 53.99 €
Darkest Dungeon €24.50 3.49 € 22.99 €
Deliver Us the Moon €24.99 8.79 € 24.99 € 22.49 €
Village Romance 12,99 € 9.09 € 12.99 €
Euro Truck Simulator 2 4,99 € 19.99 €
Far: Lone Sails 2.99 € 2,99 € 14.99 €
Firewatch €19.50 5.00 €
Inscription €19.99 11.99 € 19.98 € 17.99 €
Raft €13.39
Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun 3.99 € 3.99 € 3.99 € 33.99 €

Are there any special offers this week or will you be left with nothing? Are there any titles that you think are particularly valuable? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

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