Save these pets! How you can full the WoW Dragonflight quest An Superb Journey

Revealed: Dec 19, 2022 10:51 am
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Prepared to avoid wasting pets? right here’s some assist finishing the WoW Dragonflight quest An Superb Journey, together with how you can save that darn cat.

Go away it to WoW shenanigans to make it onerous to resolve the Dragonflight quest An Superb Journey. In case you’ve been out within the Ohn’ahran Plains you’ve stumbled throughout quite a few quests that contain saving animals. Nevertheless, this explicit tour involving the Maruuk Centaur includes a Disney reference and–as most issues ought to–placing a cat on high of your head. What’s the deal? Permit us to step you thru the specifics of the hunt and get you in your approach.

How you can end the WoW quest An Superb Journey

The WoW quest An Superb Journey kicks off with the NPC Toluiqi, on the west facet of the river flowing north and south. That is simply above Forkriver Crossing. The centaur will job the participant with finding three pets, Suder, Sassa, and Zaya. All three may be discovered across the island fashioned across the river convergence that surrounds the Crossing. The search dialog:

A number of of the clan’s pets ended up getting misplaced alongside the final journey between camps. They’re not looking animals so I doubt they will care for themselves correctly on the market! Do you assume you might go seek for them? They will not be looking companions, however they’re vital members of the clan regardless!Toluiqi

Whereas Suder and Zaya are simple sufficient to search out, some gamers are combating what to do in regards to the cat, Sassa. The cat is caught on a log within the river. Click on on the cat and abruptly it is going to be in your head, with a 5 minute buff now in your standing bar. After you have the cat in your head merely swim over to the shoreline. If the cat despawns or isn’t there you’ll want to talk with Dealer Urtusk on the Crossing first.

The whole questline is in reference to the 1963 Disney movie The Unbelievable Journey. The film is a narrative about three pets that find yourself within the Canadian wilderness and should discover a approach residence. Youthful followers might higher bear in mind the 1993 remake, Homeward Certain starring Michael J. Fox.

Journey, accomplished

The reward on your troubles of finishing An Superb Journey embrace some XP and Maruuk Centaur fame. Gee, you’d assume the centaurs could be extra grateful?

Verify again with for extra Disney-based quests of cat-saving.

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