RLCS Fall Main overview: Full schedule and stay outcomes [🔴LIVE]

Revealed: Dec 10, 2022 6:40 am
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Listed below are the stay outcomes, schedule, and all you should know concerning the upcoming Rocket League Championship Collection (RLCS) 2022-23 Fall Main.

Refill your tank and prepare to fly as we strategy the primary RLCS Main of the season. The RLCS 2022-23 Fall Main will wrap up the Fall season the place we’ve watched seven areas compete to be among the many greatest sixteen groups on the planet. On this article, we’ve all the things you should know concerning the thrilling RLCS Fall Main together with the groups taking part, the printed info, the schedule, and stay outcomes.

We will likely be updating the stay outcomes throughout the RLCS Fall Main so keep tuned.

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Overview of RLCS Fall Main

The place and when is the Fall Main?

The RLCS Fall Main is making a comeback to the Netherlands! It is going to be held in Rotterdam, Amsterdam on the Rotterdam Ahoy. The occasion will go on from 8 December to 11 December and will likely be open to a stay crowd on December 10 and December 11. You’ll be able to try the ticketing info over right here.

Prize Pool and RLCS Level distribution

The whole prize pool for the Fall Main is $310,000 USD. Listed below are the prize pool and RLCS Factors distribution in keeping with the placements:

Place$USDRLCS Factors1st$100,000322nd$60,000243rd – 4th$25,000185th – eighth$12,000129th – eleventh$9,000812th – 14th$6,000615th – sixteenth$3,0004RLCS Fall Main Prize Pool and RLCS Level Distribution

Who will likely be taking part within the RLCS Fall Main?

Sixteen prime groups on the planet will likely be competing for the primary championship of the season. Listed below are the groups we will likely be cheering on:

RLCS 2022-23 Fall Main Groups

Karmine CorpGen.G Mobil1 RacingFaZe ClanThe ClubTeam LiquidVersion1Oxygen EsportsSpacestation Gaming

Workforce FalconsG2 EsportsQuadrantTeam SecretPioneersMoist EsportsPWRJames Cheese

RLCS Fall Main groups introduced: 16 of the very best Rocket League groups at Rotterdam

Listed below are the 16 groups certified for the Rocket League Championship Collection (RLCS) 2022-23 Fall Main this coming December.

What’s the format for the Fall Main?

The Fall Main will likely be divided into two phases:

Swiss Stage: Swiss system format with sixteen groups and best-of-five (Bo5) matches.Playoffs: Prime 8 from the Swiss Stage will proceed to this stage. Single elimination bracket and best-of-seven (Bo7) matches.

Schedule and stay outcomes of RLCS Fall Main

eighth December – Swiss Stage Spherical 1 and a pair of ✅

Take a look at the Swiss Stage Outcomes over right here.

Time (CET | PT)Essential StreamRating (Bo5)Alternate StreamRating (Bo5)1PM | 4AMVersion1 vs. Quadrant3 : 1Gen.G Mobil1 Racing vs. PWR3 : 02PM | 5AMOxygen Esports vs. G2 Esports 3 : 2The Membership vs. Pioneers3 : 03PM | 6AMSpacestation Gaming vs. Workforce Falcons 3 : 2Karmine Corp vs. James Cheese 3 : 04PM | 7AM FaZe Clan vs. Moist Esports 3 : 1Workforce Liquid vs. Workforce Secret 3 : 05PM | 8AMGen.G Mobil1 Racing vs. Oxygen Esports0 : 3Workforce Falcons vs. James Cheese 3 : 06PM | 9AM Workforce Liquid vs. Version12 : 3G2 Esports vs. PWR0 : 37PM | 10AMThe Membership vs. Moist Esports2 : 3Quadrant vs. Workforce Secret 0 : 38PM | 11AMKarmine Corp vs. Spacestation Gaming3 : 1FaZe Clan vs. Pioneers3 : 0RLCS Fall Main Swiss Stage Day 1

ninth December – Swiss Stage Spherical 3 and 4

Take a look at the Swiss Stage Outcomes over right here.


Oxygen Esports has certified for the playoffs.Karmine Corp has certified for the playoffs.James Cheese has been eradicated from the Fall Main.Pioneers has been eradicated from the Fall Main.Version1 has certified for the playoffs.

Time (CET | PT)Essential StreamRating (Bo5)Alternate StreamRating (Bo5)1PM | 4AMOxygen Esports vs. Version1 3 : 0The Membership vs. PWR1 : 32PM | 5AMKarmine Corp vs. Moist Esports3 : 0Spacestation Gaming vs. Workforce Secret1 : 33PM | 6AMG2 Esports vs. James Cheese 3 : 0Gen.G Mobil1 Racing vs. Workforce Falcons3 : 14PM | 7AMQuadrant vs. Pioneers3 : 0Team Liquid vs. FaZe Clan2 : 35PM | 8AMVersion1 vs. PWR3 : 06PM | 9AMMoist Esports vs. Workforce Secret 1 : 37PM | 10AMGen.G Mobil1 Racing vs. FaZe Clan3 : 0RLCS Fall Main Swiss Stage Day 2

tenth December – Swiss Stage Spherical 4 and 5 [🔴LIVE]

Time (CET | PT)Essential StreamRating (Bo5)G1G2G3G4G51PM | 4AM
[TBD]The Membership vs. Spacestation Gaming [PLAYING NEXT]2PM | 5AMTeam Liquid vs. Quadrant3PM | 6AMTeam Falcons vs. G2 Esports4PM | 7AM2-2, Match #15PM | 8AM2-2, Match #26PM | 9AM2-2, Match #3RLCS Fall Main Swiss Stage Day 3

eleventh December – Single-Elimination Playoff Bracket

Time (CET | PT)Essential StreamRating (Bo7)11AM | 2AMKarmine Corp vs. TBD12PM | 3AMTeam Secret vs. Version11PM | 4AMOxygen Esports vs. TBD2PM | 5AMGen.G Mobil1 Racing vs. TBD3PM | 6AMSemifinal #14PM | 7AMSemifinal #25PM | 8AMGrand FinalsRLCS Fall Main Swiss Stage Day 4

Swiss Stage Outcomes

#GroupsMatches1Karmine Corp (qualifies for the playoffs)3 – 02Oxygen Esports (qualifies for the playoffs)3 – 03Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (qualifies for the playoffs)3 – 14Team Secret (qualifies for the playoffs)3 – 15Version1 (qualifies for the playoffs)3 – 16FaZe Clan2 – 27PWR2 – 28Moist Esports2 – 29Team Liquid1 – 210The Club1 – 211Team Falcons1 – 212G2 Esports1 – 213Quadrant1 – 214Spacestation Gaming1 – 215Pioneers (eradicated)0 – 316James Cheese (eradicated)0 – 3RLCS Fall Main Swiss Stage Outcomes

Playoffs Bracket

RLCS 2022-23 Fall Main Playoffs Bracket

The place are you able to watch the Fall Main?

You’ll be able to sustain with the very best of Rocket League on these channels:

You can too be part of the returning Rizzo and Athena watch occasion for a extra laid-back commentary. The watch occasion will likely be on Rizzo’s channel for the primary two days of the Fall Main (December 8 – 9).

We’ll maintain you up to date with extra Rocket League Championship Collection content material, so keep tuned to Esports.

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