This text from GOLF High 100 Trainer Kellie Stenzel contained our most-read anti-slice tip of 2022.

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Lacking fairways is rarely enjoyable, however lacking fairways due to a slice is mildly infuriating. There’s a sure helplessness you are feeling when hitting a banana slice, and most golfers don’t know find out how to repair it.

It’s no shock that an anti-slice story was a well-liked one on this yr. With a mess of causes and golfers keen to do absolutely anything to repair their slice, a narrative concerning the repair being a success is a no brainer.

The story comes courtesy of GOLF High 100 Trainer Kellie Stenzel and it comprises 10 potential fixes on your slice, together with clubface angle, posture, grip and a lot extra.

Try Kellie’s recommendation in full under, or click on right here to learn the unique article.

There could also be no higher energy loss than a slice. The ball generally begins out okay after which makes this miserable curve, robbing you of your whole potential distance and energy. You’ll be able to repair that slice, nevertheless it begins with understanding what causes it within the first place…

1. Open membership face

The commonest explanation for a slice is an open membership face. This open membership face gives you contact that isn’t sq. and infrequently seems like a “facet swipe.”

The commonest explanation for an open membership face is an incorrect grip as your hand place will straight mirror within the face.

You may make this adjustment by turning one in all each of your palms away out of your goal. In different phrases, when you had been a proper handed golfer, you’d rotate your palms to the correct. When making this adjustment, usually occasions it must be adjusted greater than you suppose.

2. Thumbs too on-top of the grip

One of many extra frequent misconceptions in relation to a “weak” grip inflicting an open membership face is golfers considering their thumbs ought to go straight down the grip.

Your lead hand specifically ought to seem precisely because it appears to be like when this arm hangs and most often that may have the thumb off heart and opposing the hand for relaxed assist and management.

3. Arms separating from physique

One of many nice stabilizers of a sq. membership face is to maintain your underarms comparatively near your physique all through your golf swing. If in your backswing or your downswing your underarms transfer away out of your physique, it is extremely simple to open the face.

What can assist you to do that correctly is to grasp the the golf swing is round in nature. Should you permit this pure curving to occur as your below arms keep nearer to your physique all through your are more likely to have a sq. membership face that additionally engages the physique within the swing, moreover including energy.

4. Conserving lead arm straight too lengthy

Width and pressure in a golf swing can simply be confused. Having width can add energy, but when width is misunderstood to imply lead arm stays straight, this may make it actually tough to permit the lead elbow to loosen up and fold on the ahead swing. If the lead arm stays too stiff for too lengthy in your ahead swing, this won’t solely maintain the membership face open and making the ball slice, but in addition delays the discharge of the membership face and the pace related.

One in all my favourite drills to fight that is simply to take follow swings together with your palms break up aside. It will virtually power your lead arm to loosen up and fold in your ahead swing, serving to to ship a sq. face at influence.

5. Dangerous posture

Posture that’s too upright and now permitting some bend ahead from the hip joint will straight have an effect on your capacity to make a correct backswing.

Too upright posture will are likely to put weight an excessive amount of again into the heels and that is usually accompanied with a again swing that’s too upright and lifted and this may produce a slice path on the downswing.

And whereas all golfers are constructed in a different way and postures might differ, permitting some bow from the hips in order that the arms can loosen up and grasp will can help you be balanced and athletic.

Being balanced and athletic will can help you make a correct backswing for you.

6. Not versatile sufficient

A few of us are extra versatile than others for certain. Usually occasions you will notice ladies with actually lengthy backswings and this is actually because they are usually extra versatile.

In case your flexibility is restricted, it may be actually tough to get correct physique rotation in your backswing. The rotation of the physique on the backswing permits the membership to get deep sufficient on the backswing, due to this fact permitting the correct downswing path.

Should you fall into this class, you may make an adjustment in your set as much as make it work in the present day.

You’ll be able to take your again foot and drop it again right into a closed place as in case your decrease physique is a bit turned away from the goal. It will instantly create successfully extra flexibility and can help you get the membership right into a extra highly effective place in your backswing and assist to enhance downswing path and extra distance.

7. Lefty enjoying righty (or righty enjoying lefty)

Should you play golf from the facet aside from your dominant arm this may usually result in a ball that slices. I discovered this when working for Mike Adams and it has served a lot of my college students very effectively.

Once you play golf from the facet aside from your dominant facet, that lead arm is so sturdy is tends to delay pure launch of the membership face on the ahead swing.

You’ll be able to modify for this by taking your path hand grip and switch in below extra to have the ability to see your finger nails. For instance, if you’re a lefty enjoying righty, when you take your proper hand and switch in below or extra to the correct, this may permit this hand and arm that aren’t as dominant to have an opportunity to sq. the face at influence.

8. Dangerous ball-position and tilt

Do you hit most of your golf equipment straight to a pleasant draw, however slice your driver? I see this on a regular basis and most frequently it’s a ball place subject and understanding how your shoulders needs to be barely completely different together with your driver than when the ball is on the bottom. Once you hit your driver your ball place needs to be extra ahead. Ball place that’s too far again may cause a slice and/or a pop up.

As your transfer your ball extra ahead it’s also essential that you just permit your shoulders to tilt again and away from the goal. Your lead shoulder ought to get increased and your again shoulder decrease. It will permit your shoulder line to match your physique traces and straight have an effect on your swing path in addition to permit the membership face to have time to get again to sq. at influence.

9. Not understanding shoulder line vs. the goal line

So little of the time does the membership head spend on the goal line and golfers who search to do that will usually lead to a power-robbing slice.

Going again to the idea {that a} golf swing is round. Once you make your backswing and your higher physique rotates in order that your shoulders are turned away from the goal.

From the highest of your backswing, when you had been to permit your arms to swing down your shoulder line, this could produce a fantastic path on the downswing – feeling very similar to an underhanded throwing movement.

10. Incorrect foot flare

One of many nice challenges when finding out golf is understanding when data is right for you. The foot positions which might be nice for the the tour gamers, won’t be applicable for anybody with flexibility limitations. A sq. again foot and a flared ahead foot will have an effect on the swing path and produce a slice for a lot of golfers who’ve limitations.

Should you slice the ball attempt the alternative. Flare your again foot and sq. your ahead foot. It will assist improve your capacity to rotate again and in addition gradual your physique rotation down in your ahead swing, each serving to with path and sequencing of physique and arms.

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