Bandai Namco has launched a brand new trailer for One Piece Odyssey. This reveals that two extra well-known story arcs can be of nice significance for the sport. The writer additionally broadcasts {that a} demo of the sport can be obtainable quickly.
As the brand new trailer for One Piece Odyssey reveals, two extra arcs from the Straw Hat Pirates’ previous will play a task alongside Alabasta and Water Seven. On the one hand, followers can sit up for the Marineford arc, during which Ruffy has to stop the execution of his brother Ace collectively together with his associates.
Then again, the Dressrosa-Arc is taken up. Inside this story arc, the Straw Hat Pirates got down to overthrow Donquixote Doflamingo, one of many Seven Samurai of the Seas. Along with our pirate crew, Ruffy’s second brother Sabo and Trafalgar Regulation additionally play essential roles on this arc.

Because the trailer reveals, nonetheless, the occasions of each arcs play out considerably in a different way than within the anime and manga.

On the finish of the trailer, Bandai Namco broadcasts {that a} demo of One Piece Odyssey can be provided on PlayStation and Xbox consoles from 10 January 2023  The progress made in it is going to be in a position to be carried over into the principle sport afterward.

From 13 January 2023 the total sport will lastly be launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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