Methods to discover the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight

Printed: Dec 19, 2022 10:20 am
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Lose your kite? Don’t have any worry, we’re right here to let you know easy methods to discover the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight for the Dragonscale Expedition weekly!

Of all of the unstated secrets and techniques of the ocean to find in Azeroth probably the most irritating for present gamers is easy methods to discover the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight. A weekly quest that comes from the Dragonscale Expedition faction, the kite in-question isn’t a lot misplaced as it’s sorely misplaced. Nonetheless, excellent news is abound on this Christmas season: We’re right here to step you thru the place to seek out the hunt and the placement of our expensive, misplaced kite. All can be properly. Let’s get into it!

The place is the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight?

Uktulut Pier is circled in pink on the above map.

The weekly Dragonscale Expedition quest Needed: Misplaced Tuskarr Kite is why you’ll want the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite. To search out the kite you have to head to Uktulut Pier within the Waking Shores, discovered at /manner 45.86 27.52. When the turtle ferry the Misplaced Arvillo makes its cease on the Pier from Uktulut Outpost you’ll discover the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite behind the boat, within the water. Click on on the Kite and return it to Cataloger Jakes in your reward.

The search kicks off at Dragonscale Basecamp, discovered on a WANTED flyer across the camp that serves because the faction’s weekly quests. Right here’s the hunt dialog that kicks off the kite search:

<The posted signal is written in lovely calligraphy.> The archivists humbly request that each one expedition members hunt down the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite for our artifact archives. If acquired, please ship to Cataloger Jakes for processing and compensation. Some expedition members have reported seeing such a kite hooked up to a tuskarr transport alongside the western coast, however none have been in a position to attain it because the transport retains it aloft and out of attain when touring.WANTED: Tuskarr Kite

The reward in your kite-based troubles is a bunch of Dragon Isles Provides and 250XP repute with the Dragonscale Expedition. Not a nasty haul for actually choosing up some trash, huh?Maintain a watch out on for extra kite-based shenanigans throughout the Dragon Isles.

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