Skins typically stir controversy once they have an effect on gameplay, and League of Legends isn’t any exception.

Whereas most skins don’t have any affect on gameplay in any way, others—typically Mythic and Legendary skins—function VFX animation modifications that can provide champions a definite benefit.

The identical can’t be stated about Irelia’s new Mythic pores and skin, nevertheless. League gamers have already dubbed Mythmaker Irelia “pay to lose.”

Along with reworking her voice strains, recall, and skill animations, Riot Video games has modified her auto assault VFX for the Mythic pores and skin. This has been criticized by gamers on League’s subreddit, who say it’s had a damaging affect on the champion.

One participant identified that the Mythic pores and skin’s VFX animations, when displayed in gradual movement, reveal a small delay between Irelia’s animation and the blade’s impact when hitting opponents.

That is particularly obvious at first of the sport when Irelia has no bonus assault pace and her auto assaults are important to her success within the laning section.

“This downside solely impacts gameplay throughout the early-game when Irelia’s assault pace is at its lowest,” one participant stated. “Efficiency within the early-game is essential to Irelia’s affect, one single missed/cancelled auto-attack resulting from unsynchronized VFX is deadly to changing into irrelevant for the remainder of the sport.”

It’s nonetheless unclear if Riot will apply modifications to Mythmaker Irelia’s VFX animations or revert the auto assault animations.

Irelia’s pay-to-lose Mythmaker pores and skin is at the moment out there for 1,820 RP in League’s store.

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