The official Diablo account on Twitter reveals a family tree containing celestial and devilish beings, which clarifies much of the lore.

Diablo 4 will be available in June 2023. In the trailer, big names meet Lilith and Inarius as they face off with their armies and prepare to battle. But who are these two people and where are they from? A family tree published by Blizzard on Twitter reveals the celestial and infernal relationships of these two.

The family tree contains some of the most powerful creatures from lore.

(The family tree begins with Anu, and continues to Inarius, the son of Lilith or Inarius.

We can’t give an explanation of each name on the family tree. However, we can give one. Here’s a list of those who are behind the names we mentioned:

Rathma and Inarius are Lilith

As a great, though not only villainess is supposed to appear in Diablo 4 probably Lilith, who fights the angel Inarius in the trailer above. These two should be first.

  • Lilith She is the daughter of Mephisto, the demon lord. She believed there was a way out. She was able to manipulate the angel Inarius He convinced him to steal the Worldstone. They created Sanctuary from their union and the angels, demons, and demons who followed them. Later, humanity was born from the Nephalem.
  • Inarius He was a subordinate to the archangel Tyrael. He was content with his escape to Sanctuary. Lilith, however, wanted to use the Nephalem in her favor. Lilith killed all the angels who had been following Inarius when it was debated whether the powerful Nephalem should be exterminated or not. The latter banished Lilith to the Void. He was then taken to Hell, where he was tortured for a long while after a battle.
  • Rathma He is the son Lilith and Inarius, and the first Nephalem. He opposes his parents” goals and sabotages their plans, believing that balance must always be maintained. He taught the first necromancer.

The First Beings

  • Anu He is believed to be the first known being to have united all traits of all now-existing things into himself. He created the seven-headed dragon Tathamet from it after separating all evil and good from him. They fought until each other was destroyed, creating the universe. From his spine came the angels, and from his eye came the world stone.
  • Tathamet Seven-headed dragon. It was created from the bad qualities of Anu, and died in battle with it. The seven evils that rose from his head were each able to command a hellish domain.

The Seven Evils

  • Main EvilsThe three brothers. The three brothers ruled over Hell which had been engaged in an ongoing war against Heaven for many years. They created the Trinity cult to corrupt the people of Sanctuary.
    • MephistoLord of Hatred, the eldest of the three brothers. He is also the father of Lilith (and Lucion). He is the weakest brother, but he is also the smartest and most cunning.
    • BaalLord of Destruction: This middle brother was only interested in total destruction, and indirectly responsible for the destruction the Worldstone.
    • Diablo, Lord of Terror: The youngest brother enjoys sowing fear in people”s hearts and is considered the most dangerous prince of hell. The games were named after him, too.
  • Lower EvilsThey are weaker brothers than the three of them, and were held down for a long while by them until they allied with them and defeated them all in a great battle.
    • Andariel, Maiden in Torment: She was a supporter of the lesser evils but later sided against Diablo. Unlike Duriel, she inflicted mental anguish upon her victims.
    • Duriel, Lord of Pain: The twin brother of Andariel also wanted to secure Diablo”s favour. He loves to inflict pain on his victims and the sound of their screams. He appears to be returning as an antagonist in Diablo 4.
    • Belial, Lord of Lies: He is a master manipulator who is believed to have persuaded Azmodan against his three brothers to rebel. He prefers to be hidden from the world than lead armies and plots intricately.
    • AzmodanLord of Sin: He wanted the sole ruler of hell, but was unhappy with his position.

The Angels

The five (previously seven!) archangels are said embody the most important attributes of Anu: wisdom and justice, honour, hope, hope, and destiny. They ruled the heavens as Angiri”s council.

  • Tyrael, Aspect Wisdom and Justice: Tyrael, formerly the archangel for justice, stood up for humanity. He even tore off his wings, and became mortal. Diablo 4 also features a role for one of his allies in his fight against Malthael.
  • AurielArchangel of Hope: She fills hearts with confidence and is the most loved angel. She is captured by Diablo, but released by the players in Diablo 3.
  • ImperiusArchangel of Honour, he is a great warrior but also proud and rash. He used to be close to Tyrael but now he doesn’t understand his passion for humanity.
  • MalthaelAfter the Worldstone was destroyed, the former Archangel in Wisdom became the Angel of Death. We must face him in Diablo 3 and defeat him.
  • ItheraelArchangel of Destiny, he carries a powerful scroll that allows him to see into the future. He can see the many ways an event could develop, but he is not able to see them.

Is the family tree helping you to refresh your Lore knowledge or have you already mastered it? Or are you familiar with all the important characters already? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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