Activision has announced that Call of Duty’s extraction-based mode DMZ will be featured in a $30,000 tournament this month.

The Call of Duty: DMZ Gauntlet will pit 16 teams of three against each other in “a variety of challenges” in DMZ. This mode, which is extraction-based like Escape from Tarkov, was released for the first time in November. It is a departure from any other CoD game.

In DMZ, players spawn into Warzone 2’s giant map Al Mazrah and complete various objectives while trying to extract with better gear. Players lose all loot they have unless they insure the weapons.

It’s unclear what kind of challenges the competitors will be taking part in for the DMZ Gauntlet, or even who will be participating. The event will take place over five days, and CoD tweeted asking for fans to vote on who they want to see participate.

As this is the first big attempt at a “competitive” variant of the DMZ mode, which sees players fighting against AI combatants more so than other players, it should make for an interesting event for CoD fans to tune in for.

CoD’s DMZ Gauntlet will take place on Jan. 17 at 2pm CT on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel.

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