Numerous dataminers have discovered clues to the imminent arrival of Gunfight and Gun Game modes in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2’s release was anything but smooth. Many features and gameplay elements were missing at the time. Two of these are the multiplayer game modes Gun Game and Gunfight, which have been a staple of the CoD franchise since 2010”s Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare (2019) respectively. New leaks indicate that the popular modes might soon appear in MW2.

Season 2 already features new modes

More details are revealed as Season 2 approaches. On Twitter, the data miner BKTOOR5 has now published images that point to the extremely popular Gunfight and Gun Game game modes, which were previously missing from Modern Warfare 2”s multiplayer and are considered true community favourites.

The logos for the two new game modes are shown in the images. However, it is still unclear whether the modes will appear in Modern Warfare 2”s multiplayer with the Season 2 or the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Technically, Gun Game is technically available to MW2 users since its release at October’s end. However, this mode is only available in a private lobby and requires a modified version.

Gun Game mode has been available in Call of Duty games ever since 2010, but the newer Gunfight mode was introduced with Modern Warfare (2019). Infinity Ward had previously assured the community in June 2022 that Modern Warfare 2 would have both Gunfight mode and a Rank mode.

This is a promise that Season 2 will keep.

What is Gun Game?

Gun Game mode lets six players play in a free-for all, where they can get kills with different weapons. The game is won by the first player to kill each weapon.

If this is not possible and the time runs out, the winning player with the greatest weapon wins. Depending on the game, there are between 18 and 28 weapons that can be used. Arms Race, a similar game mode, is available in CS:GO.

(Even though Call of Duty: Vanguard is a very unpopular title, the Gun Game mode was available at the time of its release.

The newer of the two modes – Gunfight – is a 2v2 mode that is similar in many ways to Warzone 2”s Gulag. Our two opponents must be eliminated in a total time of 40 seconds. If we fail to do so, a flag is displayed in the middle of the symmetrical maps. We must capture it within ten second.

If we do not eliminate all of our opponents or capture flag, the team with most life points wins the game. Both teams use the same equipment, which is changed every two rounds. The match is won by whichever team wins six rounds. There is no life regeneration. Each player has 100 HP.

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