Google Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint scanner

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Fingerprint scanners and face unlock are the 2 principal biometric unlocking strategies accessible on smartphones right now, permitting us to seamlessly unlock our handsets, pay for purchases, and extra.

Do you will have a choice for one answer over the opposite, although? That’s what we wish to discover out in right now’s featured ballot. So give us your reply under and go away a remark in case you’d wish to elaborate.

Do you like fingerprint scanners or face unlock?

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We’re particularly referring to 3D face unlock once we speak about face unlock, because it’s the quickest, most safe, and most versatile facial recognition choice. We’re not referring to a particular fingerprint scanner sort right here although (e.g. rear, aspect, in-display).

In saying so, it is best to select “fingerprint scanners” in case you want no less than one sort of fingerprint scanner over face unlock. So in case you want rear fingerprint scanners over face unlock however want face unlock over in-display sensors, then select “fingerprint scanners” anyway.

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