Why do your supposedly end-to-end encrypted cameras produce unencrypted streams in any respect?

Below what circumstances is video truly encrypted?

Do another elements of Eufy’s service depend on unencrypted streams, reminiscent of Eufy’s desktop internet portal? 

How lengthy is an unencrypted stream accessible?

Are there any Eufy digital camera fashions that do *not* transmit unencrypted streams? 

Will Eufy fully disable the transmission of unencrypted streams? When? How? If not, why not?

If not, will Eufy open up to its prospects that their streams aren’t truly at all times finish to finish encrypted? When and the place?

Has Eufy modified the stream URLs to one thing harder to reverse engineer? If not, will Eufy achieve this? When?

Are unencrypted streams nonetheless accessible when cameras use HomeKit Safe Video?

Is it true that ”ZXSecurity17Cam@” is an precise encryption key? If not, why did that seem in your code labeled as an encryption key and seem in a GitHub repo from 2019?

Past the thumbnails and the unencrypted streams, are there another non-public knowledge or figuring out components that Eufy’s cameras permit entry to by way of the cloud? 

Past probably tapping into an unencrypted stream, are there another issues that Eufy’s servers can remotely inform a digital camera to do?

What retains Eufy and Anker staff from tapping into these streams?

Which different particular measures will Eufy take to handle its safety and reassure prospects? 

Has Anker retained any unbiased safety companies to conduct an audit of its practices following these disclosures? Which?

Will Anker offer refunds to these prospects who purchased cameras based mostly on Eufy’s privateness dedication?

Why did Anker inform The Verge that it was not potential to view the unencrypted stream in an app like VLC?

Does eufy share video recordings with law enforcement agencies?

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