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A second member of content material org OTK has been embroiled in controversy over allegations of sexual assault. Is is over for OTK?

On Dec.16, a second founding member of streaming and content material group One True King turned embroiled in scandal as Wealthy Campell was accused of sexual assault by Twitch streamer Azalia Lexi. The accusations come a number of months after fellow OTK founder, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, was accused in September 2022 of masking up a separate incident. Mizkif was subsequently positioned on depart from OTK.

The second spate of allegations brings to gentle a seemingly basic rottenness within the OTK group. The corporate, based in 2020, was initially primarily based round content material manufacturing and as a way of life model. As described by co-founder Zack, higher often called Asmongold, “We got here up with this concept of constructing an org, and constructing the org round our mates – constructing the org round friendship on the whole.” 

Now it appears no less than two of these mates are linked to some weighty allegations. Naturally, many would assume this could be a crippling blow to the group. However is OTK actually spoiled? Even after the extreme allegations in September, the Esports Awards nominated the group for Content material Group of the 12 months. Will this added edge and drama gasoline the group’s ascension or spell its downfall?

Dwelling on the sting

Asmongold, an OTK founder (Picture through Asmongold on YouTube)

It’s basic to the OTK mannequin that the group are seen as outsiders, nerds, and counter-cultural. Whereas every member and content material creator is extremely standard in their very own proper as streamers, all of them garner their very own area of interest viewers. On this capability, the crew flirts with darker matters and edgier content material and glamorizes a degenerate “not in schooling, employment, or coaching” (NEET) way of life.

Whereas a lot of the leisure business, and even the favored streaming teams, are primarily based round historically enticing and conventionally gifted folks, OTK’s focus is nearly solely on degeneracy. Asmongold’s stream persona is that of a hardcore World of Warcraft participant dwelling in a messy attic. On Asmongold’s stream, there are jokes and allusions to poor hygiene, lack of cleanliness, and over-the-top shows of concern. 

Or take Jschlatt, whose on-line persona is one which creates outrage. His persona is impolite and abrasive, with overt shows of aggression, sometimes incoherent, and hints at a (presumably) fictional legal occasion in 1999. The streamer additionally consistently flirted with controversy and is nicknamed “uncancellable” attributable to quite a few minor dramas. Jschlatt joined the OTK group in 2021 and appeared like an ideal match.

Nevertheless, in each circumstances, it’s virtually understood that these are solely personas. And when the chips are down, each creators have proven their integrity. Asmongold often lifts again the veil and exhibits us “Zack” in severe movies on his second channel. Within the wake of the Mizkif allegations, Asmongold was clear and severe. What’s extra, in 2021, Jschlatt publically took a tough stance when fellow Lunch Membership member CallMeCarson was accused of sending inappropriate messages to minors.

So whereas OTK makes use of controversy for its personal content material, in lots of circumstances, it looks like it’s all an act. Besides, how far can the traces of fiction and actuality blur earlier than issues get uncontrolled? Streaming personas, in lots of circumstances, are hyper-exaggerated variations of an genuine self. It’s like professional wrestling or ad-lib. You are taking one thing mundane and switch it as much as eleven to make it compelling and fascinating. So we now have a scenario the place two of the group’s core members are placing on an act, whereas two extra now have severe allegations towards them. So is it truthful to evaluate a corporation primarily based on the misdeeds of two of its founders?

Is OTK as a complete dangerous?

And that is the place OTK turns into extra sinister. Within the wake of two severe sexual assault-related allegations, we should begin wanting extra fastidiously at what the group says and does. The best litmus take a look at of an individual is to take heed to what they’re saying. I hate quoting folks, however I’ll make an exception for Maya Angelou, who reportedly as soon as stated, “When somebody exhibits you who they’re, consider them the primary time.” So let’s begin listening to what OTK and its streamers inform us about themselves.

OTK began with jokes about being a “intercourse cult,” with many joking that they’d chosen the title as a nod to BDSM slang “over the knee.” The group’s customized PC constructing firm, Starforge Methods, has a brand that the org members insist isn’t phallic, however tech gurus insist in any other case. And whereas the skirting with controversy and edgy content material can fly out of context, after some time, it begins to color the image of a corporation that runs extra like a frat home than a contemporary media enterprise.

Starforge Sytems’ brand is accused of being overtly phallic (Picture through Starforge Methods)

Is that this studying an excessive amount of right into a bunch of dumb jokes? Truthfully, I don’t consider that a number of jokes about intercourse cults, some innuendo on stream, and a penis-shaped brand make an organization inherently dangerous. Possibly I have to put away the crimson string and take off my tinfoil hat. 

Regardless, some arduous questions must be requested about OTK sooner or later. Questions like does frat boy humor actually flip a corporation into a spot the place harassment is normalized? Can a co-founder’s particular person actions have an effect on a whole firm? Who is aware of! However generally, if it appears to be like like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck — it’s a very good wager you’re coping with a duck.

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