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  • An additional Chromecast with Google TV model is in the works.
  • This could be a successor model to the original model that was launched in 2020.

The Chromecast with Google TV offers a small form-factor, full Google TV support and attractive pricing. We’ve already seen the original 4K model and the cheaper 1080p device, but it sounds like a third model could be on the way.

9to5Google dug into a preview version of the Google Home app and confirmed mentions of a new Chromecast with Google TV device dubbed “YTC.” For what it’s worth, the original model is apparently referred to as “YTV,” while the HD device is called “YTB.”

Although there were no further details about this third device, the outlet suggests that it could be a replacement of the original 4K-toting model. This is understandable, since the original Chromecast with Google TV was launched in September 2020, and the 1080p model was launched in September 2022. So we’re definitely due for a 4K refresh, if anything.

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We’re guessing that this new model will offer support for AV1 decoding, allowing for higher quality streams with the same bandwidth or the same quality with reduced bandwidth. Google is reportedly pushing for AV1 decoding in Android TV devices and Android itself.

We also deplored the limited storage in our Chromecast With Google TV review. So we hope to see more storage and more options of expandable storage (e.g. MicroSD card slot or second USB-C port.


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